No Pressure, No Diamond

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Jadi ini adalah salah satu article pertama yang gua tulis umur 22. It's been four years since I wrote this article. I guess this article is my reminder, it will be have special place in mine.

Hope you can learn something from it, Enjoy.


As an individual who has reached the age of 22, I started to realize that life is not as easy as my imagination in childhood. Life has been so hard, when you are finally faced by the fact that you’re becoming one of those people in the society that you hated before. Your parents who used to wake you up to go to school now put the thing called "responsibility" in your chest. You’ve become what you wanted in childhood, an adult. The question is, is this the thing that you really wanted when you were a kid? I bet it isn’t. But what can I say, we can’t slow down or go back to yesterday. We are who we are today. And here I am, stuck in the body of a 22 year old. When a boy turns into a man and a child turns in to an adult. When we, ready or not, started to fly with our own wings, creating our own headache and building our own empire. We are starting to make up our own perspectives and decide if we are going to fuck up our future or not. And here, the pressure begins. Let’s say that our adventure as an individual already began. In this case, I’m not talking about an adventure like having a holiday to a country we’ve never been before, or going to some random place, or just passed out on your friend's birthday.